BI Norwegian Business School

Spokespeople - who we are

Through our brand personality we want to humanize BI and make our brand more approachable and easier to understand. All content (text, images, layout, e.g.) should match who we are and what we aspire to be in the future.

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The President

BI is an independent, non-profit foundation. The President is our CEO, and is elected by our board. With over 20 000 students, we do not expect them to have an active relationship with the president. S/he should nevertheless be visible at campus, join activities hosted by BISO (BI Student Organization) and other student initiatives, hold dialogue meetings with the students and be visible on social media.

Dos: S/he should be clear, reliable and inclusive in their communication. They should be inviting and approachable to students, employees, and other stakeholders. They should keep their personality and be themselves, while keeping in their role in mind.

Don’ts: Should not come across and insincere. Should not seem strict or overly formal and distant.

The Top Management Team (TMT)

The members of BI's Top Management Team are responsible for implementing the strategy in their areas.

Dos: They should be perceived as knowledgeable and with natural authority, and they should appear clear, steady and including in their communication. They should appear inviting and approachable, both towards students, employees, and other stakeholders. They should engage the organization by having clear ambitions for BI. It is important to clarify strategic choices.

Don’ts: Too little communication and visibility into the organization, especially within their own areas of responsibility.

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The Faculty

Our faculty is a key asset in our communication. They promote our programmes, research and professional authority, but also their connection to business life and their passion for learning and student success. Good lecturers is one of the main motivations for choosing BI as a place of study.

Dos: They should present their knowledge in a clear and easily understandable way. They should be approachable and engaging in their communication style.

Don’ts: They should not have a top-down attitude or use unnecessarily difficult or complicated language.

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Non-academic staff

Dos: They should appear helpful, understanding, and competent in their communication.

Don’ts: They should not appear harsh, uninterested, or insecure.

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Our alumni are our most important proof that an education at BI is good value for money. We use alumni to tell stories to help prospective applicants envision a possible career path to reach their goals.

Dos: They should be inspirational, inclusive, positive, trustworthy and genuine in their communication.

Don’ts: Reinforce stereotypes. Fail to represent diversity. Profiles or industries that are controversial or out of date (for example tobacco). They should not appear as puppets and repeat the arguments that BI want them to convey.