BI Norwegian Business School

Brand plattform

The brand platform is designed to support BI’s strategic objectives and reinforce our footprint. The goal is to attract the best students and employees.


BI Norwegian Business School aspires to be a leading European business school, attracting top students and excellent faculty. We are research-based, learning-oriented, and connected to business and society.

At BI, we engage with society to co-create an international, digital, and sustainable future. We fulfill our mission of shaping people and business for an international, digital, and sustainable future, by pursuing academic excellence and shaping future careers and businesses, through internationally acclaimed research, high quality education and close interaction with business and society.

You can read the full strategy here.

Make It Your Business - Overall Brand concept

Make it your business is a call to action with a double meaning. The action can be:

1) putting something on the agenda or solving a problem, or

2) getting a job and an income.

It also represents the energy, initiative and effort required to complete a study or research project at BI. As a brand concept Make it your business can be compared to similar slogans such as "Just do it", "It’s an attitude", "Don’t be passive".

Background for the choice of Make it your business

There is a gap between what people think BI is and what we actually offer. In focus groups we have found that negative Norwegians frequently have negative associations with the term 'business'. As Norway's leading business school we cannot escape the term.

Therefore, we need to broaden the public's understanding of it. We aim to build new positive associations to what we believe business can do for our target groups, and show how knowledge of business, leadership, and economics, innovation can contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

BI is an international business school present in both Norwegian and international markets. It was therefore desirable to have a slogan that could be used and understood throughout the world. Most of the respondents in the focus groups were also in favor of a slogan in English from BI. They thought it made good sense since the word business is involved, and it gives more weight. It is also a slogan that is easy to understand.