BI Norwegian Business School

Brand plattform

As a direct consequence of BI’s strategy, we launched BI’s new brand platform in 2019. The brand platform is designed to support BI’s strategic objectives and the intention is to reinforce the BI footprint. BI aims to take attractive positions in attractive markets and then outline an energetic way forward. All the work is based on extensive insight regarding important factors to attract students to our programmes and employees to our four campus. Based on this, we have designed a brand platform to guide a consistent and coordinated direction in our marketing and communication efforts.

Overall Brand concept

Make it your business is BIs overall brand concept, conducted by the strategy "Shaping people and business for an international, digital and sustainable future." Make it your business is a call to action with a double meaning. The action can be 1) putting something on the agenda or solving a problem - or 2) getting a job and an income. It also represents the energy, initiative and effort required to complete a study or research project at BI. As a brand concept Make it your business can be compared to similar qualities as Just do it. It’s an attitude. Don’t be passive.

Background for the choice of Make it your business

Our strategy sets a course for us to continue our journey as a research-based, learning-oriented and connected business school, well equipped to help our students thrive in a digital and sustainable future.

BI has partly divergent and incorrect associations. There is a gap between what people think BI is and what we actually offer. Understandably, the word “business” is closely related to BI. Based on focus groups conducted late in 2019 we found that negative associations are often associated with the term business. We cannot escape these associations. Hence, we need to broaden and build new and positive associations to what we believe business can do for our target groups, as well as show how knowledge of finance, administration, management, innovation and marketing etc can contribute to a more sustainable world.

BI is an international business school with a broad field of application both nationally and internationally. It has at times been challenging to have a Norwegian slogan that one must have translated into English or replaced with something else. It was therefore desirable to have a slogan that could be used and understood throughout the world. Most of the respondents in the focus groups were in favor of a slogan in English from BI. They thought it made good sense since the word business is involved, and it gives more weight. It is also a slogan that is easy to understand.