BI Norwegian Business School


The profile colours are divided into a primary and secondary colour palette.

Primary palette

The colours that are defined in the primary palette are the colours that will form a clear association to the brand.

Darkest Blue
C:94 M:79 Y:50 K:64
Pantone: 2965 C
Dark Blue
C:100 M:74 Y:22 K:7
Medium Blue
C:89 M:53 Y:0 K:0
Pantone: 2925 C
Accent Blue
C:70 M:14 Y:0 K:0
Light Blue
C:22 M:2 Y:1 K:0
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0

Secondary palette

The secondary palette adds contrast, balance and variation in the colour composition.

C:22 M:31 Y:63 K:8
Accent Yellow
C:5 M:6 Y:38 K:0
Light Brown
C:38 M:35 Y:42 K:17
Light Grey
C:25 M:21 Y:26 K:3
C:7 M:7 Y:12 K:0
Almost White
C:4 M:2 Y:3 K:0