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Internal branding

These are our current guidelines in regards to internal branding.

Collage internal branding done wrong


Through the years BI has had many different visual profiles for different projects. These guidelines are ment to help create a consistent brand identity.


  • Everything BI stands behind should be closely tied with the overall visual identity.
  • Everybody benefits from collectively building our main identity.
  • Repeated exposure to BIs logo and colors builds recognition.
  • Consistency: It should be clear for students and other that BI stands behind.
  • Strategically we are "one BI", and everything should use our main logo and colors by default.

Levels of internal branding

  1. Without own logo. Only using a concept/project "name". Example: "BI Mentor"
  2. Sub-brand logo. Example: "BI StartUp". See examples below.
BI Mentor
Sub branding eksempler

When internal branding can make sense

  • If there is a clear sub-target group. (Example: Executive)
  • The concept/project is long lived. (example: Alumni)
  • If there are clear and strategic benefits involved.


Contact the graphic department at BI.