BI Norwegian Business School

Target groups

Our target groups includes students, alumni, businesses, and society at large.

Fulltime Students

With over 20 000 students, BI is among the larges business schools in Europe. Thereby, diversity rather than Negative Tropes will be defining the student body.

Tone of voice: avoid negative tropes such as rich, spoiled, pappagutt. Preben and Camilla. Grusomme BI.


Executive Students

Almost 10 000 students each year choose to combine part-time studies with full-time work on their road towards career shifts, career development and life-long learning. The students are diverse in prior education, industries, and demography.

Tone of voice: Help for a better future. Motivate for lifelong learning. Avoid suits, old business tropes, stereotypes

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Successful, approachable, achievable, diversity, team. Growth Mindset. Challenges is the core driver of satisfaction. Or our alumni who needs to develop and get some fresh insight from us.

Negative tropes to be avoided: The Ruthless Businessman, The Successful Businessperson that did not attend BI.

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Society at large

The BI brand must be communicated to all stakeholders. It must be associated with being a very important part of the future. It must be clear that BI is part of the solution for the future of the world, the future of business and the future of business education.