BI Norwegian Business School


The profile colours are divided into a primary and secondary colour palette.

Primary palette

The colours that are defined in the primary palette are the colours that will form a clear association to the brand.

Deep Blue
C:94 M:79 Y:50 K:64
Pantone: 2965 C
Dark Blue
C:100 M:74 Y:22 K:7
C:89 M:53 Y:0 K:0
Pantone: 2925 C
Accent Blue
C:70 M:14 Y:0 K:0
C:22 M:31 Y:63 K:8
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0

Example colour use

Examples of how to use colour combinations

Farger do

Examples of how not to use colour combinations

Farger dont

Secondary palette

The secondary palette adds contrast, balance and variation in the colour composition.

Accent Yellow
C:5 M:6 Y:38 K:0
Light Brown
C:38 M:35 Y:42 K:17
Light Grey
C:25 M:21 Y:26 K:3
Light Blue
C:22 M:2 Y:1 K:0
C:7 M:7 Y:12 K:0
Almost White
C:4 M:2 Y:3 K:0