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Primary typography

Typography Poster

Our profile’s primary font is Museo Sans. The font has clear and defined outlines that make it easily readable, particularly in smaller sizes on digital platforms.

The Museo font family has a wide selection of weights that make it a flexible tool. The round original form creates a dynamic expression without losing authority.

These fonts can either be accessed through Adobe Creative Cloud, or purchased via (links below)

Typography Museo Sans 500

Museo Sans

Typography Museo Slab 500

Museo Slab

Secondary typography

As Museo Sans is a licensed font, a system font should be used for elements that are not for official publication. A system font is a font that is included on all machines, meaning that anyone can use it. They are typically used in Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Trebuchet MS will be used as a replacement font for Museo Sans, as it shares many of the same characteristics.

Typography Trebuchet MS


Avoid using uppercased text


Avoid using uppercase letters as much as possible, as it hurts readability.

Mainly use Museo Sans

Try using Museo Slab only for decorative purposes, and not as a main bearing font. It is ment to supplement the primary font "Museo Sans", and only be used sparingly.

Forslag typo oppsett

Museo Slab is used as a meta title in a smaller and supplemental role to the layout. Otherwise Museo Sans carries the main content blocks, being both more readable and the primary font family for BI.

Drop shadow

Please do not use drop shadow on the text.

Text with dropshadow examples