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Tips and inspiration

Here are some inspiration and examples on how to make graphics with BIs profile.


Keep in mind what kind of background colour you use. It is important to have good contrast to make sure the logo is visible and clear.

Example 4

Use the darkest blue as background colour when using the negative logo.

Example 6
Example 5

How to use gold colour

The gold colour is meant as a "detail-colour", and we should only use a little of it in the graphic. An example is to use the gold in a heading.

Example 7
Example 8
Example 9


To keep a continuity in the visible brand, one should always use the border in the same way each time it is used.

Example 11

It has been decided that the border should always be placed in the edges of the format.

Example 12

Use of gradient

Sometimes it can be nice to use some gradient in the graphic for visibility of the text on a photo. When you use gradient make sure you do it in a delicate way.

Example 13
Example 14

There are two things in this example that should be avoided. Avoid to make the edge of a photo visible. It should be a smooth transition. And avoid having a gradient covering someones face. Doing this makes the graphic look unprofessional.