BI Norwegian Business School

Logo / wordmark

The Logo and wordmark of BI Norwegian Business School varies in usage depending on a variety of factors. All appropriate files and usage recommendations follow below.

Most used

These are the most used variants of our logo, and should cover most usage areas.

Logo symbol
Main logo – without word mark Used in national communication
Logo int horiz
Main international logo (Vertical) Applied to international use cases


In cases where neither of the positive or negative logo variants fit, or where the design otherwise is monochrome these logos should be used. Select the positive or negative version, depending on what contrasts best with the background colour.

International / National

Whether the logo is used in conjunction with the wordmark depends on where it is intended to be seen - in Norway or abroad.

International: If it is intended for an international audience, the “Norwegian Business School” wordmark is to be used together with the logo, either in a vertical or horizontal composition.

National: If it is intended for a national audience, the logo is to be used without a wordmark. The exception is formal applications where “Handelshøyskolen” has been added, such as in official letters

BI Fudan MBA

Bestofboth sectionimage

BI has a cooperation with Fudan University in China, and deliver an MBA program together. The co-branding uses particular assets listed below.

Logo fudan tbob
With "The best of both" tagline
Logo fudan notag
Without tagline

Logo Embossed

In some cases an embossed version of our logo is needed. These are listed below both in black and magenta.

National logo with wordmark

In special circumstances, the national logo is used with the wordmark “Handelshøyskolen”.

Logos for special occasions


In certain events BI uses alternative colors/styles to show support or appreciation to certain global og national movements, especially on social media channels.

Logo pride day
Be proud of who your are - and respect others for who they are! BI supports Pride Day.
Logo rosa sloyfe
«Rosa sløyfe», or «Pink Ribbon» is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink ribbons, and the color pink in general, identify the wearer or promoter with the breast cancer brand and express moral support for women with breast cancer
Logo earth day
Earth day logo. Sustainability is a big part of our strategy.