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Meta images

1200x627 meta images with multiple logos in various visual directions.

Meta reaccreditation
Meta ft case
Meta ft euro
Meta statsbudsjett nydato
Meta statsbudsjett
Meta tangen podcast
Meta event
Ocean meta 2


9:16 format stories for instagram.

Statsbudsjett 9 16
Bokbad 1080x1920

1x1 and 4x5 formats

1x1 ft euro
Insta equis
Bokbad 4x5



Canva is a platform to make creative content production easier

What is Canva, and for whom?

For content creators who often have a need for creative assets (Meta images, social media images etc), contact us to get access and learning materials in the system.

Media Library


We have a large section of images in our media library. Look at the section regarding media library for further information